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Exhausts Torquay

The exhaust system is an important component of your vehicle.

Firstly, the exhaust helps to direct noxious gases away from the cabin, so you will not be exposed to gases that can harm your immediate and long term health.

Another important function of the exhaust is to make sure your car is being as fuel efficient as possible, by monitoring the levels of oxygen emitted and using this information to balance the fuel/air mix of the engine to the optimum level.

How would I know if there is a problem with the exhaust?

The main indicator of a problem with the exhaust is a change in tone and intensity of the exhaust noise when the car is running. If left without having it repaired parts of the exhaust system can fall off, which could be dangerous for other drivers on the road. The loud noise will also remain until you have it repaired.

AMS stocks a wide selection of exhausts for all types of vehicle, so whether you find yourself in need of a new silencer or entire exhaust system, we can help you straight away. More importantly, with many of our supercentres across the UK, we can inspect and replace your exhaust whilst you wait. That’s a same-day exhaust replacement service!

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