How To Avoid Failing Your Cars MOT

So, your yearly MOT is approaching and it does tend to creep up on us, so you may be starting to worry if it will pass or fail. In our MOT test article, we will go through some of the most common ways vehicles fail their MOT, and how you can possibly avoid them.

How To Prepare For The MOT Test

The compulsory MOT test performs checks to make sure your car is roadworthy and safe to drive. With some knowledge of the most common reasons for failures, you can prepare and save on some expensive bills in the future. Many modern cars need specialist equipment to fix the repairs, so you will not be able to fix everything by yourself. However, you can keep your car maintained.

Brake Checks Exeter

Car brakes are obviously very important for your car’s safety. The brakes will be thoroughly checked for any signs of wear or damage during a MOT, so it is best to know if your brakes are performing correctly and stopping you properly.

Tyres Exeter

Your tyres are also checked for damage. Tyres will wear over time, and the MOT will ensure that they are safe and within the legal limits.

Windscreen Checks

Chips and cracks in your windscreen can happen at any time. As you are probably aware, a small stone chip can turn into a considerable crack that could mean replacing your whole windscreen.

Number Plates

Your local garage will check your registration plates to make sure they are legal. They must comply with current DVA regulations, and they are also checked for cracks and whether they are legible.

Car Headlights

The test will check that all the lights on your car are working. Your headlights will also be inspected to make sure they are adjusted to not blind or dazzle other drivers.

Exhaust Replacement Exeter

The car exhaust system will be checked to ensure that it is secure and working correctly, making sure that no parts are corroded and likely to fail.

Car Suspension

Most of the parts of your car’s suspension cannot be easily seen for you to repair yourself. They are a vital part of your car, as they affect its safety when driving over bumps and when braking.

Garage Services Near Me

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