How To Keep The Cost Of Driving Down

Keeping your car on the road, insured and taxed is an expensive process! At AMS Tyres, we can give you all the car news and driving tips that you need to help you to reduce your car related outgoings.

Get Your Tyres Checked

Your tyres represent quite an expense, but can save you money in the long term. Worn and poorly inflated tyres will cost you more money over time, as they increase fuel consumption. While you do not have to buy top of the range tyre brands, you should be considering whether choosing the cheaper options are costing you more money in the long run.

Make sure you check your tyre pressures on a monthly basis and keep them inflated to the correct amount. With just a few minutes of effort, you can go a long way to reducing your fuel consumption and will provide an opportunity to make yourself aware of the overall condition of your tyres and spot any issues early on before your standing on the side of the road.

Are You A Good Driver

If you drive poorly then you are wasting a lot of petrol or diesel. Over-acceleration, poor gear changes and erratic driving will end up costing you a lot of money and will also increase the amount of unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, increasing the amount of car maintenance required, therefore leading to potential garage repair bills.

Driving in a less aggressive and safer style will significantly increase the life of your car and reduce the repair bills. You might want to do a training course with an instructor to refresh your driving style or find out some useful driving tips.

Shop Around For Car Insurance

If you are letting your insurance renew on with the same provider, then the cost might have been slowly rising over time. While you might not be paying a lot of attention, they may have been increasing your premium as time goes by. With more years no claims, this should be coming down rather than going up. Do your online homework around the renewal time and look for alternative insurance providers.

Car Servicing Exeter

Common parts like windscreen wipers and lights do not take much care. You do not have to be an expert to source and install these. It is great to be able to maintain some parts of your car by yourself, as it enables you to become more knowledgeable in the process and save money.

Car maintenance will also allow you to alert your usual local garage when something starts to go wrong. Often, the more information you can give your local mechanic on the problem, the better. You can describe more fully when the problem started and how it has been impacting other parts if you know your car.

Car Share Devon

If you have a regular journey, then why not consider splitting the cost with a work colleague or mate. You can arrange to pick them up and share the cost of fuel. If they also drive, then you can take the alternate days to drive to give yourself the chance to relax on the drive to work.

Lightening The Load

If you have the kind of car that remains packed with a roof rack and additional items all year round, then this will be incurring extra fuel costs. Any additional weight you add to the car will reduce your fuel economy and cost you money unnecessarily. Taking the time to empty out your car will help reduce fuel cost and consumption.

AMS Tyres Exeter

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