Dangers Of Part Worn Tyres

If we are all being honest, we don’t check our tyres as much as we should do. When we do, we consider cost over safety and in some cases, this means purchasing part worn tyres. Is this a good idea? Although this is a common thing, it’s not very intelligent and there are several things you should know about part worn tyres – the dangers and risks.

Are Part Worn Tyres Legal

Part worn tyres are available in the UK because technically they are legal, if they are within the legal requirements for tyres then they can be used. However, this does not necessarily mean they are safe or indeed good for your car? In Germany, drivers change their tyres much earlier than in England so that means a lot of part-worn tyres come from Germany and are available to buy in the UK.

Although they may be cheaper to buy part worn tyres, the real question we should be asking ourselves is should we be buying them and what are the risks of them?

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe?

As we all know the weather here in the UK is unpredictable let! With this erratic weather comes great risks when driving. So, choosing decent tyres seems a bit of a no brainer. Good quality tyres that allow you to brake, steer and accelerate, the tyre tread is vital in all cases, but especially in wet and windy weather.

Part worn Tyres are often sold with a tread depth of 2mm, the minimum legal requirement is just 1.6mm so with a bit of common sense, does this really sound like a good idea? Buying a tyre with over 80% of its lifetime already gone doesn’t seem like the smartest decision you’ve ever made.

Having low amount of tyre tread makes stopping distance much more difficult, especially in wet weather conditions.

What Indicates A Good Or Bad Tyre

  • 8 mm Tyre is 0% worn. Excellent!
  • 7 mm Tyre is approximately 15% worn. Very good.
  • 6 mm Tyre is around 30% worn. Good.
  • 5 mm Tyre is roughly 45-50% worn. Okay.
  • 4 mm Tyre is approximately 65% worn. Acceptable.
  • 3 mm Tyre is near 80% worn. Plan to replace.
  • 2 mm Tyre is 95% worn. Alarming!
  • 1.6 mm Tyre is now at its legal limit, but that’s no reason to use it. Replace immediately!
  • Under 1.6 mm Tyre is now illegal, and subject to a £2,500 fine and 3 points on your licence.

Irresponsible and dangerous.

New Tyres Near Me

Road safety is very important and is something that should be a priority for your car. If you have any questions about tyre safety or want to book your car in to get your tyres changed. Call us here at AMS Tyres on 01392 424 666.

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