Why Do I Need To Check Car Tyres Regularly

There are always people talking about the importance of checking car tyres and the potential dangers that come with having worn and bald tyres, but most people tend to shrug this off and forget about it. Integrity of your tyres is extremely important to road safety and besides that let us not forget there are also legal requirements when it comes to tyres. So, let us help you answer the question, why do I need to check my tyres?

Tyre Facts

According to a recent UK study into how much we know about our car tyres, 90% of us who drive do not actually know how to check our tyre pressure. It’s bad I know, but what makes it worse is only 70% of drivers wash their cars on a regular basis! So, a key tyre fact is that surrounding temperatures change, the tyre pressure also changes. For an increase of 10 degrees in the temperature of the surrounding air, the tyre pressure changes by 1 to 2 pounds per square inch.

Checking Your Car Tyres Regularly

Periodically checking your tyres is the first thing, ensure that your tyres comply with the guidelines in your owner’s manual and check the pressure, depth and any other signs of unsafe and worn tyres. We only recommend you do this as it may save you money or potentially save your life. Be careful not to underinflate or overinflate your tyres, both come with consequences. So just check the cars manual to be safe.

New Tyres Exeter

So, you have checked your tyres and you can see that they are not quite how they should be or maybe they’re worn a bit too much and you need new ones? What do you do? Luckily, AMS Tyres have several branches across Exeter, Torbay and the surrounding areas so whenever you need new tyres or even just want yours inspected by an expert, give us a call on 01392 424 666.

What Is Wheel Alignment

However, while you’re getting your tyres checked it may be a good idea to see that your car balance and wheel alignment are up to standard to prevent using unnecessary fuel and running the risk of an accident. Ensuring you look after these “little things” on your car may just make the difference and save you money. For any questions, or to book your car in please call us on 01392 424 666. Or for any of the other branch numbers, visit our contact page.

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