More Essential Winter Car Checks

Following on from our first “Winter Car Checks” – Please read on.. If you get into the habit of investing a small amount of time and money into the winter car needs you will ensure the continuing safety, comfort and usability when it’s needed the most – on those cold winter days.

Is Your Car Battery Charging Properly

Did you know car batteries have a life expectancy around five years so if your vehicle’s battery is coming to the end of its life it is best to check it, or outright change it before the winter arrives.

Apart from running out of petrol a flat battery is perhaps one the most frustrating things to happen, especially in the winter cold and rain. According to the RAC this common occurrence accounts for around a third of all vehicle call outs and it is easy to forget the additional strain batteries must deal with in the winter months with additional heating and the increased use of lights whilst travelling.

Why You Should Check Your Tyre Tread

Tyres are the most critical part of your winter maintenance and checking the state of your tyres can save your life and others. Remember that wet roads require deeper tread to maintain an acceptable displacement of water and prevent aquaplaning.

Why Tyre Pressure Is Important

Tyre pressure is just as important to car safety, and this should be checked as frequently. The cold air contracts, so tyre pressure will reduce the colder it gets even though tyres will warm up once the car is on the road. Check your cars manual for recommendations for cold weather tyre pressures and check them every week when really cold.

Tyres Garages Near Me

Significant changes in the pressure could also be indicative of slow punctures or other related problems which are better dealt with while near a good auto centre at the weekend, in daylight, rather than on the side of the road on a dark wintery and cold night.

Carry A Winter Car Emergency Kit

All the advice above is totally futile if you do not have a plan for when things unexpectedly go wrong. So, why not ensure you have a winter safety pack in your car and remember to tailor it to your specific needs, especially if you travel with carry vulnerable family members such as children or the elderly. In extreme circumstances, you could land up on the side of the road overnight!

Garage Services Near Me

At AMS Tyres and Auto services we do so much more than just tyres! We also offer a range of garage services to keep your car on the road including:

Air Conditioning Recharging And Servicing, Batteries, Brakes and Brake Checks, Cambelt Replacement, Car Tyres, Clutch Replacement and Exhausts. Nitrogen Inflation, MOT’s, Car Servicing, TPMS Sensor Valves, Tyre Repairs and Hunter Wheel Alignment. Click on the links in the menu to book online.

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