Should You Invest in Winter Tyres Exeter

With the temperatures in Devon staying lower for longer, investing in winter tyres to help keep you safe on the road is most certainly a worthwhile investment. By guiding you through the main points we can help you make the right choice for you and your car and its winter tyres.

How Are Winter Tyres Different?

Winter tyres give you the best traction and grip in low temperatures (generally below 7°C). They are equipped for all road of our road conditions from wet to dry and can allow you to keep grip on icy & snowy surfaces such as on the Moors maybe.

How Do Winter Tyres Work

On average winter tyres have more rubber than a standard tyre but are crafted to be softer allowing them to stay supple at temperatures below 7 °C. With deep groves and up to 10 times more sipes (Sipes are the small zigzag lines that are present on tyre tread)

The sipes are deep grooves help disperse water to increase traction and keep contact with the road, which helps to reduce the chance of skidding on our Devon roads.

How Effective Are Winter Tyres

As you can see, the below shows the major difference in stopping distance when using winter and standard tyres in 5°C snowy weather compared to temperatures of around 20°C and clear weather.

In the summer at 20 °C summer tyres will stop you in 65.3m but 67m for winter. Whereas:
In the winter at 5°C or snow, summer tyres will stop you in 70m and winter tyres in 65m. Source:

Are Winter Tyres Worth Buying

From a safety point of view winter tyres are worth the buy, with the deeper tread and wicking sipes you can have so much better handling in sub temperatures. Be aware that winter tyres are only really designed for sub-7°C temperatures and in warm conditions the rubber will soften and affect handling. They are seasonal and are designed for certain conditions.

Altogether it comes down to choice and budget – “book your tyres online” – when it comes to certain conditions or situations such as a long wintery journey, the added control and safety for your car and family can outweigh the actual cost.

AMS Tyres Exeter

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