Top Tips For Your Family Road Trip Devon

With families swapping their holidays in the sun for a staycation, loading the kids & half the contents of your home into the car is becoming so much more popular. Now, we all know that it’s no such thing as a simple case of load up, drive there. To help reduce the stress & try and make the journey that bit more comfortable, we have come up with some advice & top tips to get you through.

Keeping The Kids Happy On Long Journeys

This is kind of a given, keep the kids happy & your life is much happier and so will your journey. Bring along games, books or tablets, whatever their favourites are. The more you can keep them occupied, the less of a distraction they will be whilst you are driving. Breaks are not just good for you; they are perfect for the little ones as it breaks up the journey and keeps boredom at bay.

Why You Should Prepare For Long Car Journeys

Stock up on snack and drinks, keeping yourself fuelled is just as important as the car. Don’t forget wipes & tissues they are ideal for clean-ups. Also, a bag for rubbish, so it doesn’t end up on the floor of your car.

Top Car Check Tips

  • Check your tyres for tread, air pressure and any cracks.
  • Check oil & water levels- Have spare oil & water available just in case needed.
  • Check your headlights especially if you’re planning to drive at night.
  • Check all other lights on your car, they are legally required to be working.

Why Your Car Should Be Serviced

When preparing for a long car trip, people are always more concerned with have they remembered everything, that they forget to ensure the car getting them there is in its best or optimal condition. The importance of a car service is key, not only does it ensure your car runs smoothly it also minimizes the chance of breakdowns on Motorways. If your car needs to be serviced click here and book your car service today.

Ultimately, you want to get to your destination safely and with no major troubles. By being prepared you can keep issues to a minimum. Oh, and don’t forget “ARE WE THERE YET???”

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