7 Top Tips To Save Fuel

We all know how expensive fuel can be, knowing how to save a little money each week can go a long way over a year. Many things can save you fuel overall, from what you carry in the car to changing the way you drive your car. We are going to give you the best advice for making a great saving.


Are You Carrying To Much Extra Weight In Your Car

If you are carrying extra weight in your car it can have an effect on your fuel consumption. We all have things in our car we think we will leave in there because it saves room at home or we may forget them if we don’t leave them in the car but the extra weight can have an effect on your fuel consumption. So, move it into the house and also if you have a roof rack and rooftop boxes it’s worth taking them off too.

It’s all about aerodynamics with the roof boxes. By removing them you with decrease the drag on your car and in the end reduce your fuel intake.

Keep Your Cars Maintenance Up To Date

Make sure your car is well maintained. Ensure you have a regular service of your car. By having your car in its best condition will mean you will greatly improve performance and in turn you will get the best fuel usage.

Are Your Tyres At The Correct Pressure

Having your tyres at the correct pressure is key to ensuring your contact with the road is not to great. Resulting in your car having an increased fuel consumption. Good tyre pressure also greatly improves handling and helps towards a smoother drive.

Drive Smoothly

Adjusting your driving style can help with the amount of fuel you use. Accelerating in a lower gear will increase the revs and in turn increase fuel consumption. Driving smoothly in the highest safe gear will then reduce your revs and in the end save you fuel.

Did You Need To Take That Journey

We all just pop out in the car and then we decide to go do another little trip a couple hours later. Try to combine as much as you need to do into one trip rather than making lots of little trips. Your car will use more fuel starting from cold than it will being warm.

Plan Your Journey To Save Fuel

Planning your driving means you can avoid heavy traffic areas and the endless stopping & starting, which in turn results in higher fuel usage. Keeping at a constant speed will mean your fuel consumption is lessened. Fuelling your car before your trip begins not only means you get a better price than service station but also reduces the risk of having to refuel too often.

Try Not To Idle

We have all just sat there in our cars waiting for someone to come get in, so we keep the car running, it uses more fuel than you think. If it is safe to do so such as when your parked not having your engine idling will greatly help reduce fuel consumption over a month.


So, there you have it, 7 top tips to help save you fuel. Here at AMS we want you to have the best experience whilst you drive and if you need to service your car, change your tyres or have any questions, then we are here to help. You can book online or call us on Newton Abbot: 01626 368 882 Torquay: 01803 315 555 Paignton: 01803 666 555







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