Guide To Motorcycle Tyres

So, you have a great motorcycle, but do you know about your tyres and how to keep them at their best? Our guide to motorcycle tyres will help you with all the main points you need to know and how AMS Tyres can help you have the perfect motorcycle ride.

The Best Motorcycle Tyres

The best motorcycle tyres for your bike are the right sized tyre for a start. They need to be able to work at the correct speed and load rating for your bike. Your manufacturer will layout the best tyre to get the best performance. If you’re not sure about the best tyre for your bike, contact AMS tyres and we can guide you in making the ideal choice for you and your bike.

Do The Tread Patterns Matter

The simple answer is yes. They will give you an indication of whether its time for new tyres. Having the perfect grip on the road is important and worn tyres are not good. Also, the pattern and clearance vary depending on the type of performance you are looking for. If your have a motocross bike a deep tread is not good, as mud builds up in the tyre. A street bike works differently so it needs the right tread to grip the road efficiently.

How Old Is Your Tyre

The age of your tyre is important. If your tyre is over 7 years old, it’s time to change them. Rubber degrades, as it’s a natural material, it will get weaker over time. Change your tyres as a pair too, this means you will get a better overall riding experience and in the long run save you money.

Motorcycle Tyre Service Exeter

Here at AMS Tyres & Autocentre we provide a comprehensive motorcycle tyre service in Exeter and surrounding areas. Our skilled team give the best tyres advice and can assist you in finding the perfect motorcycle tyres for your bike. Contact us today and discover an exceptional service in your local area.

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