Maintenance for Your Motorcycle Tyres

Much like a car, a motorcycle is a big investment and keeping it maintained is the key to operating at its best, but sometimes forgotten maintenance for your motorcycle tyres is just as important as the engine. Find out how to know when your tyres aren’t at their best and when it is time to contact the professionals.

Know Your Motorcycle Tyres

You need to know what your looking at with your motorcycle tyres. Understanding your tyres makeup gives you a great head start in spotting problems.

– Tread- The most obvious part off your tyre. This is the patterned outer rubber layer that makes contact with the road surface.
– Bead- This is where the tyre clings to the metal frame. Reinforced with steel cords so that the tyre fit perfectly.
– Carcass- Beneath the tread layer. This forms the main body of the motorcycle tyre. These metal fibres are in one of two patterns and give the tyre strength.
– Sidewall- The sidewall carries the load of motorcycle. This is where you will find information about the tyre.

Motorcycle Tyre Maintenance Tips

Here are some handy hints to keeping your motorcycle tyres in top condition: –
– Remember your tyre pressure- We all tend to forget this one but checking your tyre pressure and keeping it at the right level will help your tyres last longer.
– Pressure Loss- if you have filled your tyres but notice they are losing pressure, its time to check for leaks.
– Is your tyre bald? – Don’t wait till your tyre goes bored, this can be dangerous. You will have reduced grip on the road.
– How old is your tyre? Most people won’t know how old their tyres are but its worth knowing. Remember rubber is natural and can degrade over time. Think 5-7 years old, it’s time for tyres.
– Change tyres in sets- It may seem more cost effective to just change a tyre at a time but both tyres suffer the stresses of the road, so change them together.
– Does it feel odd? If you feel vibrations or a pushing sensation, it’s time to get your motorcycle tyres checked. If you’re not sure, it’s still best to check with the professionals.

Motorcycle Tyres Near Me

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