Are You In Need Of A New Exhaust

As one of the most important components of your cars operating systems, an exhaust needs to be looked after. We all some times just get used to the growling sound or the odd pop every now and then but if your exhaust develops any of the issues we are going to outline, it’s time to take your vehicle to a garage to have it checked and discover, are you in need of a new exhaust?

How Does An Exhaust Work

An exhaust is made up of a series of components and they work together to collect harmful gases and move them through the system to expel them from the car. Each plays a different role and function. They include: –

– Manifold- Collects the harmful gases.
– Catalytic converter- Removes the harmful elements from the gas.
– Silencer- Reduces the noise level.
– Exhaust pipe- Expels the remaining emissions away from the vehicle and passengers.

How Long Does An Exhaust Last

Most exhaust are made from either chrome or stainless steel. A well cared for exhaust are made to last as long as the car itself. Although exhaust do get exposed to high levels of heat and can develop rust, wear holes and cracking. On average an exhaust will last around 5 years before parts will need to be replaced but as we have mentioned above, if your exhaust make any noises repeatedly or you notice any other sign that isn’t quite right, contact us at AMS Tyres to take a look.

Signs You Need A New Exhaust

Like we have said, sometimes we just get used to our car making repeated noises for example but if you notice any changes in your car behaviour, its time to get it checked. Here are the main signs that there is an issue with your exhaust: –

– Engine Noise- If your silencer has been damaged in any way your car will start to make extra noise or bursts of noise. A rattling or rumble can be a sign your catalytic converter is in need of repair.
– Rust- Regularly inspect your exhaust for rust or splitting.
– Reduced Fuel Efficiency- a simple leak can have a knock-on effect on your cars ability to convert and expel harmful gases. This will make your engine work harder and use more fuel.

Exhaust Services Torquay

For exhaust services in Torquay come to AMS Tyres and garage services. Our expert team can take an issue with any part of your car and make it right again. Should your car make any noise, or anything changes out of the ordinary. Bring it to AMS and we can help to solve the issue.

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