Car Tyres Exeter

Having the right car tyres in Exeter is very important to how your car performs. It can range from affecting your control of your car to how much fuel your car consumes. Also having the ideal tyre for your driving conditions helps you to keep control too, this usually happens by having winter tyres and changing them to summer tyres when the weather warms. Discover how tyre important tyre maintenance and being aware of what car tyres you need, can make all the difference.

What Car Tyres Do I Need

Knowing what correct tyre you need is key. As we explained above having the correct tyre can save you hassle in the future. When the weather is colder, having a winter tyre will give you the best control in what can be difficult conditions. It is the same for the summer, summer tyres work better at higher temperatures and give you perfect handling.

How Do I Know When I Need New Car Tyres

How Do I Know When I Need New Car Tyres? There are many signs that you need new tyres. The most common is wearing of your tyres. Wearing can have a great affect on you being able to control your car whist driving. Without proper tread your tyre will not be able to grip the road effectively.

The next common sign is a puncture. Although a pain when it happens, there is no quick fix. If you notice any signs your tyres are losing pressure, its time to get them checked. This can affect your fuel consumption, your vehicle will be working extra to drive your car forward, this will not only affect your car but your wallet too.

What Size of Car Tyre Do I Need To Get

Replacing like for like is common but do you know where to find the information for the correct tyre for your car? The tyre size required is written on the sidewall of your tyres, this can also be found in your vehicle’s handbook. This will give you the ideal fit for your car. If you are in anyway unsure, contact your local tyre garage, like us here at AMS Tyres. We will be able to advise you on the best tyres for your car. Contact us at 01392 424 666 or book your tyre appointment online

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