Motorcycle and Motorbike Tyres Exeter

Are you looking for motorcycle and motorbike tyres in Exeter? Then here at AMS Tyres, we are the perfect choice for the best tyres in the area. We are going to show you why you need to keep your motorcycle tyres well maintained and knowing when to get them replaced can be all important to your motorbike’s performance.

When Should Motorcycle Tyres Need Replacing

There are a few reasons for getting your motorcycle tyres replaced. The first is wear on the tyre. If you notice a considerable wear to either of your tyres, it’s time to get them changed. It’s always best to replace both and more cost effective. Connected to wear, is uneven tread. This is effects control to a certain degree and is always worth getting dealt with as soon as possible.

The next sign is scalping or cupping. This is when a tyres service area become uneven and worn. This is a safety issue; it can greatly affect the stability of your motorbike. This can also be a sign that there is an issue with the suspension and the bike needs to be checked. The age of your tyre is also a reason to get them changed. Manufactures recommend that even if your tyres are not showing sign of wear, they should be changed every five years. This is due to the oils in the tyre evaporating and hardening.

Can I Put Wider Tyres On My Motorcycle

Should you put wider tyres on your motorcycle? This is all down to personal preference. There are pros and cons to wider tyres. With wider tyres you will lose handling and of course you need to check that your bike can handle a wider tyre, some bikes are not suited to them.

On the plus side, wider tyres to the rear of the motorbike can give you better control in rainy or wet conditions. They also give you a smoother overall ride, absorbing the shocks of the road. The main point to remember, is the wider tyre the right choice for you and your bike.

Motorbike Tyres Fitted

At AMS Tyres, we are skilled in fitting motorcycle and motorbike tyres in Exeter. Our team are here to help and answer any question you have about getting motorbike tyres fitted. With depots in Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay, we are here to help. Contact us today and discover the difference.

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