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When your car has the wrong wheel alignment it can have a major effect on your car’s performance and safety. We are going to explain all you need to know about wheel alignment and why it’s important to have any issues dealt with as soon as possible. Wheel alignment can affect your ability to drive your car at its best and as we have said is a great risk to safety. For more information, contact us today.

Wheel Alignment and Improved Handling

Misaligned wheels can greatly affect the handling of your car. Your car will start to pull either left or right, solving this issue will make your car more efficient and make driving your car safer.

Reduce Your Tyre Wear

The wrong wheel alignment will make your tyres wear down quickly, this is due to your car not being on the road properly and rolling at the wrong angle. Properly aligned wheels mean the life of your tyres will greatly increase.

A Comfortable Drive

Your wheels alignment will mean, with no pulling, you will have a more comfortable drive. This will give you a smooth ride and combined with ensuring your vehicle is well maintained give a more safer driving experience too.

Fuel Efficiency

When you drive your car, the resistance made along the road has a great effect on fuel efficiency. If your cars wheels are misaligned, they will tend to create more resistance and consequently increase your fuel consumption. So, by fixing the issue now you can save even more money throughout the year.

Safer For The Environment

As we have stated above, fuel consumption will be at optimal efficiency when your wheels are properly aligned. This influences your car emissions, meaning an efficient car is better for the environment. We are all aware of our effects on the environment and any changes or simple repairs we can make will have a result on our individual carbon footprint.

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Wheel Alignment Services Newton Abbot

Come to AMS Tyres for your wheel alignment services in Newton Abbot. Our expert team will be able to discuss and advise on your wheel alignment and why it’s important. They are skilled in their field and will have your car running and driving perfectly in no time. 

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We've Moved!

You can now find our Newton Abbot branch at Unit 10, Olympus Business Park, Kingsteignton Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2SN (opposite Premier Gym)

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